Open Hand Project



The work of the Open Hand Project is being continued by Open Bionics, please go here to see the latest developments.

The aim of the Open Hand Project is to make robotic prosthetic hands more accessible to amputees.

Leading prosthetics can cost up to $100,000. By using emerging technologies like 3D printing, we can cut that down to a fraction of the cost which means that these devices can reach a far broader audience!

Watch a video here.


OHP is an open-source project which means that all of the know-how you need to create one of these magnificent devices will be available here on the website. What’s more, anyone can improve and customise the designs themselves and then upload them for everyone to share.

The Dextrus hand is a robotic hand that offers much of the functionality of a human hand. It uses electric motors instead of muscles and steel cables instead of tendons. 3D printed plastic parts work like bones and a rubber coating acts as the skin. All of these parts are controlled by electronics to give it a natural movement that can handle all sorts of different objects.

The hand can be connected to an existing prosthesis using a standard connector. It uses stick-on electrodes to read signals from their remaining muscles, which can control the hand, telling it to open or close.

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